What your balloon safari experience entails

Picture this – as you climb into the basket, the breeze gently starts to lift you up, the sun just starts to rise and you can feel it’s warmth on your face, cutting through the crisp clean air of Amboseli.

You continue to ascend and slowly start to drift over the open wood savannah grasslands peppered with Acacia tortilis (Vachellia tortilis) trees through which a vast array of wild and majestic animals criss-cross.

Across the vista, you see one side of the park crowned by the magical Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free standing mountain. And on the other side, the view is of lush green wetlands, open savannah grassland and Lake Amboseli.

You continue to float over pristine wilderness until the time comes to descend and land, and you are whisked away for a delectable champagne breakfast – a perfect way to end an unforgettable day.

A view from the balloon in the air of the KBS car in front of Kilimanjaro at the back
Image of a person standing in front of a Kilimanjaro Balloon Safari landrover watching a balloon float over
Image of Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris gazebo where guests are welcomed

Step 1 – Arrival


The pick-up time for your balloon safari varies depending on the Camp or Lodge you are staying at, and the time of the year. All pick-ups are scheduled to ensure that our Guests arrive at the Balloon Camp, at approximately 5:15am. Depending on the timing and distance from your Camp or Lodge, pick-ups may begin as early as 4:15am, to ensure a smooth and well-planned flight.

Pick-ups/drop-offs are available at the following camps:

AA Lodge Amboseli, Amboseli Bush Camp, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Elephant Garden Camp, Elephant Gorge Camp, Kibo Safari Camp, Kilima Safari Camp Amboseli, Kili Springs, Kimana Public Campsite, KWS Campsite, KWS Guesthouse, Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli, Porini Amboseli Camp, Satao Elerai Camp, Sentrim Amboseli Lodge, Serena Safari Lodge, Tawi Lodge, Tortilis Camp, Zebra Plains Amboseli Camp.

*Feel free to contact us to inquire about any other camps/lodges.


Upon arrival at our Balloon Camp, passengers will be required to observe KCAA Approved and Established COVID-19 protocols, including temperature checks, masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing. You will visit and Check-in at our Reception Desk to complete Passenger Information Waivers, and then join the others in our Guest Pavilion, complete with morning beverages (coffee, teas or hot chocolate) and fresh biscuits. Female and Male Toilets are available, and Wi-Fi and USB chargers are available to all guests in the Guest Pavilion.

Step 2 – Preparation


Once at the Launch Field, you will join a Pre-flight Safety Briefing with the Captain of your Hot Air Balloon. During this briefing, you will learn how the hot air balloon works, safety features, what to expect during your flight and also your Captain will answer any questions you may have.


Watch in awe as the high-powered burners add heat to the balloon and it inflates and rises to over 25m in height! Take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities with Mt. Kilimanjaro and spectacular sunrises as our backdrop!

Image of the Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris hot air balloon being inflated by a pilot
Image of Captain Daniel Beckwith of Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris giving clients a briefing

A once in a lifetime experience

Step 3 – The Flight


Once all passengers climb into the gondola and partake in another short safety briefing, the Captain will add more heat to the balloon, and it will gracefully rise into the magical skies of the Amboseli. Time for your amazing adventure in a hot air balloon!


Once we are In-flight, you will experience a spectacular 360° view of:

  • The earth coming alive, as the sun rises to the East,
  • The many variations of the Amboseli ecosystem,
  • Kilimanjaro to the South,
  • Amboseli National Park to the North,
  • Plentiful wildlife Kenya is famous for throughout the area,
  • The local Maasai Manyattas and Bomas in the area,
  • Remember to bring your camaras and/or binoculars! Flights generally last about 1-hour, but actual flight time can vary from 45-minutes to 1 ½ hours, depending on the weather of the day, and the conditions ‘Mother Nature’ has provided us.

NOTE: We can not guarantee a flight length, or direction, or what animals/game are seen on a given day – we are “one with nature” and every day is different, fresh and changes in the wind direction can occur.

Step 4 – Landing


After we return to Mother Earth, our Chase Crew will have followed us on the ground and will be there to meet and greet us.


Our custom Safari vehicles will transport all guests back to the Balloon Camp, while taking in a Game drive and experiencing the local communities and points of interest.

Image of balloon deflating and a land cruiser in front of it to pick up the guests
A zebra in front of a hot air balloon
Image of a certificate being signed after a successful flight on the hot air balloon at Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris
Image of the food that you are served

Step 5 – Celebrate with a meal


The Chief Pilot will begin the Celebration with stories, the Balloonists Prayer and Traditional Champagne Toast. For guests that do not drink alcohol or are younger, we always have optional beverages available to join in the Celebration.


Enjoy a Chef prepared ‘made to order’ full hot breakfast, inclusive of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurt, coffee, a selection of teas, hot chocolate, and juices.

Dietary limitations will be accommodated, with advance notice.


After breakfast and reminiscing about the mornings Magical flight, all guests are presented with a Commemorative Flight Ascension Certificate, signed by their Captain, as a memento of their Kilimanjaro Balloon Safari experience.

Come join us for an exhilarating experience…

Preview the Beauty

What Our Guests Say


This was a dream of mine and I will be forever changed! It was the greatest thing I have ever done and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity. I can’t believe how peaceful and calm it was and the views were out of this world!

- Simon W


Such wonderful memories made today for our family! The views of Kilimanjaro were beyond spectacular and seeing the elephants making their way toward the park swamps was incredible! A true Bucket List Adventure!

- Susan R


1st - Safety was a main concern for them, more than any other balloon ride I've been on.
2nd - The breakfast was great!
3rd - Very eco-friendly lodge (check out the charcoal fridge - impressive)
4th - The ride and views were too notch!!!!

- DocMartens (TripAdvisor)


We recently were lucky enough to experience a hot air balloon flight over Amboseli National Park with Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris. It was the most amazing experience imaginable. When we popped up through the clouds at 8000 feet to be greeted with the sun rising in a perfect orb adjacent to mount Kilimanjaro it exceeded all of our expectations. Captain Casey did an amazing, professional job and guided us through the entire experience in a very friendly and safety conscious manner. Would we do it again? You bet, it is a real bucket list trip and one you will remember for a lifetime.

- GraemeCandy (TripAdvisor)


We would like to thank everyone involved with our great hot air balloon experience, including champagne breakfast. Amazing experience and crew. It was very organised and we were in the basket ready for take off very quickly. We will never forget the sunrise from the balloon with white Kibo in the background. A lot of adrenaline, we are thankful for such special experience. Special thanks to our captain for friendliness, professionality and good humored and obviously passionate about what he does. The breakfast was delicious, and the ambient was spectacular. Wonderful views and fantastic staff made it an absolute pleasure. We would highly recommend to everybody.

- Ivona & Josip Dubrovnik